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Wisconsin River Outings


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7554 US Highway 12
Sauk City, WI 53583
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Canoe, kayak, and tube rentals on the Wisconsin River.



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  • John Shefchik posted 1 month ago
    "We are a Scout Troop and WRO took terrific care of us. During the week prior to our trip we added 2 canoes to our list, then dropped one. We changed our put-in location, too. They handled all of the changes and needs gracefully. The gentleman who dropped the canoes gave us great advice and emphasized safety (it was good for the Scouts to hear it from an obvious river-professional after they had heard it from me). We had a great trip! 95+ degrees were offset by frequent stops on sand bars. We were terrifically taken care of!"
  • Elisabeth YALibrarian posted 1 month ago
    "Amazing rental! They did everything! They picked us up and dropped us off. We got to kayak at our leisure and then leave the kayaks at the boat drop! It was the best! Beautiful weather and wonderful to deal with such first class people"
  • Ali Girten posted 1 month ago
    "Scott was friendly and accommodating on short notice after we were let down by another rental company. He got us on our way quickly, gave us some helpful navigating and camping tips, and even came back to our launch location after we left something in his trailer :) the canoes and paddles were also high quality. The river itself is beautiful, the bugs weren’t as bad as we’d been warned (away from vegetation at least), and we even saw two bald eagles. Will definitely be back to WI River Outings."
  • C Johnson posted 9 days ago
    "Highly recommend - friendly and knowledgeable staff! Stress free experience booking the trip and upon arrival that allowed us to enjoy a great day on the river! Excellent communication provided ahead of the trip - loved the e-mail updates!"
  • Kyle Burkholder posted 18 days ago
    "The guide that took us from Boscobel to Gatham was very helpful with helping us load and unload our gear. The river was close to flood stage so a lot of the sand bars and beaches to camp on where under water. I would like to have seen some indication on the maps as to where to look for a sand bar or beach since most on the islands don't have a beach running round the whole thing. The map is detailed quite well other then my previous suggestion. On our last night several storms where appearing on radar so with the help of the map we where able to know exactly where we were and make an informed decision on to stay in our make shift shelter since the tents could not stand on their own or load up and head to our exit point. Making the turn into Boscobel is a bit of a challenge. You have to time your approach right so that you miss the bad currents off the point and still have enough time to paddle across the river current which tries it's hardest to push you past the canal. This may have been complicated with the river being high but this is a known problem area as the guide informed us the best path to take to avoid being rolled which worked, I just wish there was something that could be done by the city to reduce the difficulty to the canoers. This current has nothing to do with the outfitter as they use public boat ramps and they did provide us with instructions on how to get around it. Another thing I liked with this outfitter is that part of the canoe party was continuing one with more of their vacation and did not want to leave their bikes on their truck for the 3 days we planned to be on the river and the outfitter allowed us to store them at their place. This was my second time using WI River Outfitter and I plan to use them again when I get a chance to come back up. My first time was with a scout group and they worked with us providing enough equipment for our group and transportation back from out take out point.""