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Wisconsin River Outings


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7554 US Highway 12
Sauk City, WI 53583
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Canoe, kayak, and tube rentals on the Wisconsin River.



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  • Patrick McCarthy posted 3 months ago
    "WI River Outings is very easy to work with and will try to accommodate all types of trips. I highly recommend ending your trip in Boscobel as you can just load up your vehicle and drive home. If you are looking for a nice overnight float trip at a moderate pace, Lone Rock to Boscobel is my recommendation. If you are looking for an easy paced float trip, Gotham to Boscobel is a nice trip. If you are looking for a paddle trip, Spring Green to Boscobel will give you a challenge over 2 days. If the forecast calls for heavy winds, I would recommend shortening your trip. I have been caught in winds that matched the down river pace, keeping you in the same spot on the river if you weren't paddling. I have rented their normal canoes and kayaks and they are of fine quality. If you are doing a 2+ night trip, I would probably upgrade to a better paddle. Upgrading canoes is usually not needed, but a nice light paddle will keep you happy and on the water longer between stops. Camping is generally a breeze as long as the river isn't too high. Just find a sand bar in the middle of the river, pull over, and set up camp. Highly recommended you find a sand bar with trees to give you some cover while "taking care of business." If you don't have dry bags, rent them. Absolutely worth it for splashes as well as tipping your canoe. Bring bungee cords or rope to tie everything into your canoe so you won't lose anything if you tip."
  • Tiffany Anne posted 3 months ago
    "This was my first time in a canoe and my boyfriend and I had a fantastic time. Your staff was friendly, reassuring, and very light-hearted and fun when dropping us off and picking us up. We felt very confident with all of our rental equipment. Thank you for a fantastic vacation!"
  • Simon Eichinger posted 5 months ago
    "Obviously the river experience itself was fantastic. We went for 3 days and had an absolute blast. The part that blew me away was this. I grabbed my ID and $60 cash from my car just before getting in the shuttle to go to our put in. Somehow it fell out of my pocket. So when I checked before we got going down river, and I couldn't find it, it really bummed me out. I called WI River Outings and left a message saying I had lost it. It was found by the shuttle driver(who is a very great person) and was turned in. They put it in an envelope and gave me a call. 3 days later I got the message, stopped back and they handed it to me with smiles. It is so nice to see that these people care that much. They are honest and really go above and beyond as a team to make sure people have the best experience. THANK YOU!!!"
  • Laura Stratte posted 3 months ago
    "We've been doing an annual trip on the WI River for a few years, and this was our third trip with WI River Outings. They are always very easy to work with and they've got the logistics down for overnight trips. Their gear is always in great shape. The stretch of the river they are on is relatively quiet and gorgeous. We will certainly book again with them."
  • Tom Irick posted 5 months ago
    "We especially enjoyed the camping on the sand bars. The email communication before we arrived, was most helpful. Equally important, was the fantastic river map of landmarks, we used it every mile of the trip. Next time, we will plan to go at a slower pace. We did Sauk City to Boscobel in two days. Left mile marker #5 at 10am on Wednesday; made camp on a sand bar near #30 (outside Spring Green). Did another 25 miles on Thursday to #57, just beyond Blue River, and camped again. (Lot's of Mosquitoes)... Finished out at Boscobel, #64 by 8am on Friday morning.We will definitely do this trip again! Perfect Boy Scout Troop outing!Thanks for hosting us."