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Wisconsin River Boat Access in Delton



04/01 - 10/31

The boat launch includes carry-in to the Wisconsin River in the Town of Delton. There is one launch lane with a paved launch surface. The launch depth is less than 3 feet, with a very shallow access. There is no boarding dock present. 1-5 vehicle stalls are available.



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  • Ben Ilciuc posted 4 days ago
    "Always love this bait shop. Cleanest bait shop I've seen in my life. You have great fishing and a boat launch right outside. Friendliest staff around and great prices. They carry good quality tackle and rods as well."
  • Sam Brentwood posted 2 months ago
    "We stay at this place every year and it's wonderful. They take care of the people who stay at their resort first. They serve thousands of people each summer and it's always a mad house on the weekends. If you want a boat rental pay for it before arrival. That would be common sense that a resort wouldn't hold something for you for free. This is a busy spot that is the only place to rent boats on that part of the river so be patient and arrive early if you want something or pay ahead of time. A few complaints don't outweigh the thousands of people who left there happy. They also have a great breakfast restaurant and one of the only bait shops on the river."
  • Brian Oksa posted 10 months ago
    "We drove all the way from home to find out that the bait shop is still not open at 6:30 when the hours are clearly at 6. thank you again for not being true to your word. Although when the employees are their the service is nice. "
  • Alicia Barreno posted 1 year ago
    "Rent a canoe, kayak or tubes, they drop you and you paddle/float back at your leisure. I recommend spending the day, pack a cooler or two (only plastic please, keep the river clean and free of glass). This is the best place to see the Wisconsin River's signature cliffs, not to be missed! Be sure to get there early in order to get enough time on the river!"
  • Max Burbach posted 1 year ago
    "They were out of boats when we arrived, but we were able to rent some canoes. We were told we didn't need to reserve them which obviously was not true.They drop you off near the dam and you canoe back. You are able to take as long as you want as long as it is before 7pm."