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Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center


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305 Pine Street
Rock Springs, WI 53961
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06/01 - 09/30

Monday - Sunday 

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

10/01 - 05/31

Monday - Sunday 

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

A place for you and your family to come visit and see the most majestic animals on earth - THE BIG CATS. Come see lions, tigers and leopards all living out their life in peace and tranquility, here at the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue. The animals were brought in for a safe and healthy home. Open daily from 9:00am - 5:00pm, June through September. Open weekends October through May.



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  • Tommy Gunz posted 4 months ago
    "When we took our trip it was one of the hottest days of this last summer. The cats were not very active due to the heat. For this reason the park had chosen not to charge us the cover charge usually required. It was not a wasted trip! The animals were visible and we had a great time viewing them! So much so that we walked through numerous times right in a row. The young woman that had greeted us was very informative and courteous. My children loved it as well as my beautiful wife and I. This day and place will not be forgotten any time soon. Thank you so much."
  • Jennifer LaRose posted 5 months ago
    "What a great place to visit. Took the Grandkids. Spent over an hour there watching all the cats. Especially enjoyed the 2 cubs. They were playing right by the fence. Could of stood there all day. Staff very knowledgeable. Definitely will visit again!"
  • Dr. Decon Bel and his Custom Shells posted 6 months ago
    "The cats present seemed to have no issues that I could actively observe. The staff was very helpful in the day to day of the cats insuring that no kitty was treated differently from the other. I had a most excellent time visiting and will be sure to see them again. Although a bit small I would like to continue to donate to ensure the cats the room they deserve. I went through once just to see them and a second time to provide treats, and a half time bouncing from cat to cat just to see them react to other offerings by guests. I would recommend visiting if your in the area."
  • gary seeley posted 4 months ago
    "We always have a great time Trick or Treating with the kids. Were always in amazement at the size and beauty of the natural wonders. Yes it is a bit heart wrenching to realize they deserve to be free but i can't help but believe there having a better life here then in a circus or abused in a show some where."
  • Michele Hansen posted 27 days ago
    "Loved it, however best to visit in cooler weather. Too hot for cats in summer"