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The House on the Rock


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5754 State Road 23
Spring Green, WI 53588
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04/01 - 10/31

It is a place of mystery and intrigue, a place where one person's imagination and dreams have become reality. The House on the Rock is the grand vision of Alex Jordan, who believed that sights and sounds were the most effective means of stimulating the senses. He wanted guests to question his creation, to come to their own conclusions and to turn his world of dreams into their own. The Attraction has room after room of some of the world's most unique and eclectic collections, which has amazed thousands of visitors each year.



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  • G Elgin posted 2 days ago
    "This is a cool museum of random things as well as music machines. There are entire rooms of orchestra played by a music wheel. Dozens of doll houses, halls of antique weapons. Life size dioramas of knights fighting on horse back. That is not even half the collection. The house itself is an intriguing walk through plus the infinity room is worth a visit in person the pictures just can't explain the feeling of it."
  • Kathryn-Ann Cravillion posted 16 days ago
    "This is a delightfully eccentric tourist attraction that can keep you entertained just about all day. From the minute you enter the driveway lined with giant terracotta flowerpots crawling with lizards and dragons, you know it's going to be good! Plenty of parking. It's a lot of walking and some low ceilings, but with intriguing, unusual objects around every corner. We were starving, but fortunately they have a cheap pizza/hot dog/sandwich place partway through (as well as an ice cream shop) so you can refresh before moving on."
  • Paige Adams posted 23 days ago
    "We did the short tour due to time restraints. We stopped on whim on our way from Iowa to an event up in Plymouth. It was absolutely stunning though!! We will definitely be returning to spend more time there. The short tour takes about 45 minutes. The long one takes about 3 hours. We got to see the main house and the infinity room which was awe inspiring. The architecture is just amazing. The staff there were very nice. There are not many of them, which was nice. The tours aren't guided. You go through at your own pace. 5 stars all around!"
  • Heather Proa posted 18 days ago
    "The scope of this place is beyond your imagination. It is grandiose, enormous, and simply incredible. The lighting in this place is very dim, if you have poor night vision, you may have trouble seeing well in this place. However, there are thousands of lights, and many of the rooms can get very hot and stuffy, especially if there are many people. Don't wear confining clothing. Go early and give yourself PLENTY of time to enjoy everything. It can take 5-6 hours to really see everything. There are public restrooms throughout and even a cafe situated about halfway through the tour so you can stop for a sandwich/hot dog or pizza and a drink partway through your visit. Your admission fee includes 4 tokens that can be used to power some of the animated and musical machines. You may want to bring a few extra dollars to buy extra tokens, as four is not enough. There are a few penny press machines along the way so bring a couple of pennies to make a souvenir. There is a gift shop at the end of the tour."
  • Lori B posted 12 days ago
    "My boyfriend wanted to go to this place. I had no idea what it even was, but I had thought we would be outdoors for the most part and brought my raincoat. The start of it is weird for those who don't know the history behind it; it's like a small museum on the biography of the guy who built the place, Alex Jordan. My boyfriend compared it to a shrine to L Ron Hubbard - more info than necessary about his life and building the place, and just seemed excessive. But that's really nothing to complain about. There are 3 sections. The first section is his house built into the rock, which has a weird linear layout and it's dark, but it's original and visually interesting, and there are beautiful wood carvings and architecture. You get to go outside a little, but once you get into Section 2, you are basically indoors for the entire thing, and at a minimum you will be walking for 2 hours in a dark, dingy, dust-ridden, musk-smelling interior filled with clustered, creepy artifacts. The room with the whale vs the octopus was the only impressive thing I saw after Section 1. The rest is just bizarre and while some artifacts were interesting, it wasn't worth going through hundreds of thousands of cheap-looking items from the 1800's (or 1900's - they don't say when these items were made). I think I would have enjoyed it more if there were more outside attractions and if it wasn't so linear, so you can skip areas you don't like. My boyfriend liked the place and he kept telling me to slow down, but never have I wanted to breathe fresh air so badly. I felt like I was trapped in a horror film, and I was relieved when it was over, and you get to spend time in the tranquil asian-style garden/pond outside, where you appreciate the natural world and the clean air. There were a few highlights, but overall I just wanted to get through it."