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The House on the Rock


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5754 State Road 23
Spring Green, WI 53588
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04/01 - 10/31

It is a place of mystery and intrigue, a place where one person's imagination and dreams have become reality. The House on the Rock is the grand vision of Alex Jordan, who believed that sights and sounds were the most effective means of stimulating the senses. He wanted guests to question his creation, to come to their own conclusions and to turn his world of dreams into their own. The Attraction has room after room of some of the world's most unique and eclectic collections, which has amazed thousands of visitors each year.



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  • Christi Russell posted 7 days ago
    "The place is huge! Definitely need to ensure you have time to see it all. We only went through two of the three sections and it took over two hours. But it definitely worth seeing. So many cool oddities and attractions to see. Crazy to think someone lived there. It does get warm in the house in the summer, so I'd recommend visiting in fall or spring when it's cooler. A must see!"
  • Sean McStravick posted 18 days ago
    "Fantastically eclectic attraction. An amazing architectural feat (check out the infinity room for sure, brilliant use of forced perspective.) In order to see the whole thing you apparently have to arrive at least 4 hours before they close, so if you want to see the carousel plan on getting there early. Definitely worth a return visit."
  • Stacey Wood posted 1 month ago
    "Really did not enjoy. There were a few interesting things to see but overall it felt like an exercise in observing what develops when one man never knew when enough was enough. My husband and I practically ran out of there. We did all three sections and it just kept getting worse. Go if you want, but know that there are much better ways to spend your money. Also, even walking by the bathrooms smelled and I couldn't help but notice dead bugs and dust around the exhibits. My happiest moment was when my husband told me we never had to go back. The gardens were nice and the infinity room was interesting."
  • Todd Anderson posted 23 days ago
    "Amazing! This place is a collection of very creative and artistic creations! Fascinating, bazaar and beautiful all crammed into one endless package. If you plan to see all of the attractions, give yourself at least a full day unless you want to be rushed."
  • Brian Dady posted 1 month ago
    "This place is HUGE and full of all sorts of amazing things. It was a non-stop adventure for the full 3 hours. Be prepared to walk a lot; there are plenty of spots to rest and rehydrate along the way though. I came after reading American Gods and learning that The House on the Rock is a real place. It was well worth the price of admission!"