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The House on the Rock


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5754 State Road 23
Spring Green, WI 53588
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04/01 - 10/31

It is a place of mystery and intrigue, a place where one person's imagination and dreams have become reality. The House on the Rock is the grand vision of Alex Jordan, who believed that sights and sounds were the most effective means of stimulating the senses. He wanted guests to question his creation, to come to their own conclusions and to turn his world of dreams into their own. The Attraction has room after room of some of the world's most unique and eclectic collections, which has amazed thousands of visitors each year.



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  • Bryce Renick posted 15 days ago
    "Just another 5 star satisfied customer. I wont say anything different than the other 5 star reviews, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Logan and Kyle did an impeccable job inspecting the house. They were on time, thorough, and willing to answer any questions. By coming to inspect in two's, they cut down on inspection time without sacrificing quality. The report was very clear, with pictures and great details. I would absolutely recommend using House on the Rock to friends and family."
  • Sheree Behrendsen posted 6 days ago
    "Very interesting collections. The house itself is rather grim but the eclectic mix of, well, everything is mind boggling! The carousel is jaw dropping and I so enjoyed watching others come through the door and experience the carousel for the first time. The looks of amazement and delight were heart - warming. The hose on the Rock is a definite must see!"
  • Aimee krieg posted 1 month ago
    "Amazing place, been twice now.Especially the main house and gatehouse, my favorites. Awesome, bizarre, uniquely different from anything I've ever been too. A.little crazy with the bright colors and red carpet etc, but nothing too extreme. Well worth the $, beautiful and unique, loved the infinity room. Best place in Wi I've visited so far. Will be back 3rd time for sure. Definitely worth seeing...a very unique house."
  • Thomas Brushel posted 1 month ago
    "The House on the Rock was awesome. However, the workers were rushing people out of certain rooms because it was getting close to closing time. On top of that, the pizza was cold. But overall, the experience was well worth it. I would recommend this place to anyone who is in the area looking for an adventure."
  • Mickey Pietrzak posted 1 month ago
    "Holy cow, I wasn't prepared for how immense this place is. It's extremely hard to describe. Really just a museum of collections. But not just any collections. Massive eclectic ones. My wife kept using the word macabre. To me it was better than many museums ive visited. My wife and I loved it, but I get the feeling that only certain children would like it. Definitely we aside a solid 4+ hours unless you're just going to walk through without reading anything. It took us over 5."