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The Cornucopia at Devil's Head Resort


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6330 Bluff Road
Merrimac, WI 53561
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04/01 - 10/31

The Cornucopia is the most exquisite dining restaurant at Devil's Head, located in the heart of the main complex. Open daily for dinner from 6:00pm - 10:00pm, the Cornucopia serves a gourmet menu with a balance of steak, fish, and poultry entrees. Dinner reservations are recommended.



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  • Alex Popko posted 17 days ago
    "Main entrance really feels like a grand mountain resort. A bonfire is always roasting for you to warm up by. The people that come out here are respectful. I've been around 20-30 times and I always enjoy myself. Wonderful beginner slope that stretches for a long length so you don't have to hassle with magic carpets and tow ropes. You just go up and focus on what matters most... learning how to get down. I've had any people learn here and I really recommend it. Its away from the highway (as compared to cascade) so you really get to feel like you're away from it all. I've stayed with a package with all the meals included and it is amazing. You could slide down and get right to the door of your hotel. Eat food, take a nap, maybe hit the hot tub and go back up for the night. Really wonderful. They also have group one from time to time so it never hurts to check!"
  • Colby posted 2 months ago
    "Great hills. Staff was pretty friendly. Loved the $16 lift ticket on Thursday night. I went on almost every run. None of them very steep or challenging. I liked that the runs we're wide open, long, and had mostly consistent grades that way I could practice my carving. I would go again on a Thursday night and hopefully next time I go the park will be open. They don't really check life tickets so I know a decent amount of people of skip buying one. Would I say it's the best skiing in Wisconsin? Probably not. It's also not the worst. I would definitely go again on a Thursday night."
  • August Schultz posted 1 month ago
    "Probably the best ski area in southern Wisconsin. They have a pretty even spread of run difficulties. The chairs are perhaps a bit longer than average down the middle of the hill, but the chairs serving the edges of the hill are quick enough to do a few more laps. I would say that the black diamond runs are a bit flat if it wasn't for the blacks on the edges of the resort which pitch a bit steeper than the ones down the middle, though the steepest terrain on the east side is not open during night skiing. Additionally, the fact that the hill faces south does mean that the snow really gets cooked during spring skiing, making the middle of the hill very slow, which limits the choices for advanced skiers, but it also means that ice gets broken down earlier in the day and at colder temperatures than north-facing ski hills. The base facilities are a bit older, but they have a good variety of options, so they do a good job of supporting the needs of most skiers. The fact that they have nights with special deals is an added bonus."
  • Joel Freudenberg posted 1 month ago
    "Devil's Head is one of the best ski resorts in the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area. I personally like the wide variety of options available for skill levels and preferences when it comes to riding. It's a great place to take experienced riders or first timers. First timers can start out on the magic carpets and then move one run over to take their first lift to a longer green/beginner run. Service all around the park, including bartenders, lift operators, and ski patrol are very friendly and helpful. Compared to parks in the area such as Cascade, Alpine Valley, Tyrol Basin, and Chestnut, this is my favorite."
  • Albert Miasdad posted 10 days ago
    "We came up for a short visit during the week since the kids had off school for teacher's conferences. First time on skis for my 7 year old and 10 year old. Set them up with a lesson and the instructor, Lee, was outstanding. Really got them started off well. The facilities have obviously seen better days, but what this place lacked in updating, it completely made up for in terms of a friendly and accommodating staff. LIke I said, my kids were newbies and I hadn't skied in almost 15 years, but everyone looked out for us. The cheeseburgers in the cafeteria rocked. We had a wonderful visit and will definitely return."