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Spring Green Prairie and Spring Green Preserve State Natural Area



04/01 - 10/31

Spring Green Prairie and Preserve, known as the ""Wisconsin Desert"", features a rolling sand prairie on an Old Wisconsin River terrace and harbors a unique flora and fauna that are adapted to the hot, droughty environment. The Nature Conservancy opens this property to visitors for hiking, photography and bird watching. The dry sandy soils contain many desert-like plants that thrive in several sand blows with shifting dunes and open sand. A population of pocket gophers lives here among interesting grassland birds and plants that are found in few other places in the state. Signature species include the Prickly pear cactus, Dickcissel, Grasshopper and Lark Sparrow. Rare species include the Six-lined racerunner and blue racer lizards and bullsnake. From Spring Green, go north 0.5 mile on Highway 23, then east 0.75 mile on Jones Road, then north on Angelo Lane to a parking area. Trails lead through the site.



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  • Steve Herje posted 1 month ago
    "Beautiful bluffs and prarie. One of the last places in Wisconsin to find the endangered ornate box turtle. Don't expect to see one on your wall though. They're generally underground during the heat of the day. Thank the Nature Conservancy for this little gem"
  • Jake Schlachter posted 8 months ago
    "Beautiful! Bring hiking boots and bug spray! The main loop is 3.2 miles. Also, use the restroom before arriving. There are no facilities at the park."
  • Gregory Collins posted 8 months ago
    "A quiet, hidden gem. See the native cacti, and admire the prairie grasses and flowers."
  • Audrey Ogden posted 11 months ago
    "Very windy today but I enjoyed seeing the bird foot violets and yellow flowers along with a variety of butterflies, a LARGE snake and what I believe was a pocket gopher. Would like to return to see the cactus in bloom and the lizards."
  • Zoe Osberg posted 10 months ago
    "An amazing place - the scenery and ecosystem is unlike any place in the Midwest. Be sure to keep an eye out for all the interesting animals that live there!"