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Pine Island State Wildlife Area




04/01 - 10/31

This 5,165-acre property lies in the floodplain of the Wisconsin and Baraboo Rivers. It includes several islands in the Wisconsin River and was named for one of those larger islands that had a significant stand of white pine. Today the area includes marsh, shrub swamp, floodplain forest, savanna, restored prairie grasslands and barrens. The grasslands found here are home to many grassland birds. Signature species include the Orchard Oriole, Barred Owl and American Woodcock. Rare species include the Henslow's and Grasshopper sparrow and Eastern Meadowlark. From Portage, take Highway 33 south. Just across the river, turn west on Blackhawk/Levee Road 0.5 mile.



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  • Keith Roherty posted 2 months ago
    "Excellent facility w/great owners who "had" the time to discuss our bussiness concerns. Exchanged thoughts/recommendations on ALL thoughts & idea's. Impressive & comforting!!!"
  • Steve Hanson posted 4 months ago
    "The spot I stopped at had motiple beer bottles, empty beer cans and a discarded broken tv. Would not have been to bad as I picked most of it up if the unrespectful varmints would have left a ten dollar bill amongst their trash for me being hospitable."
  • Amanda Ducharme posted 2 months ago
    "OMG! As far as I'm concerned a must see! In the winter months there are a huge number of Bald Eagles to watch from the banks....couldn't bear to leave"
  • Janette Wilson posted 8 days ago
    "Very pretty nice area"
  • Donna Breneman posted 6 months ago
    "A nice place to drive by. We we're on the interstate and we're not there actually"