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Pine Hollow State Natural Area



04/01 - 10/31

Pine Hollow features a narrow, heavily wooded stream gorge with sheer cliffs and rock outcroppings of sandstone and quartzite cut into the Baraboo Hills. From Leland, go east on County Highway C about 1.5 miles, then north on Orchard Road 1. miles, then east on a driveway at S7594 Orchard Road. Park in the lot at the end of the drive. To access the hollow, go to the northeast corner of the field abutting the lot and follow a faint trail that leads down the slope.



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  • Howard Ogden posted 1 year ago
    "One of the hidden gems in the Baraboo Hills to explore. Pine Hollow is a stream gorge with awesome sandstone and quartzite outcrops. I hiked in from the corner of Orchard and Schara Road, parking at the DNR easement for Hemlock Draw, then found the stream. And slowly walked down the gorge. Pine Hollow Road might be a shorter access point. No marked trails. I found a topographical map to be helpful. Also recommend waterproof boots and a strong pair of trekking poles. The Nature Conservancy has markers on the boundaries. I went in looking to create a 360 of the ice falls. Came across several amazing near vertical sandstone cliffs topped with old white pines and hemlock. Can't wait to see this in the spring."
  • Jim Weiler posted 5 years ago
    "Very isolated natural area. The entrance is marked only by 2 small ribbons tied around 2 trees. There is what appears to be an old ATV path for a little ways, then a few blue ribbons tied around trees for a couple hundred feet. After that you are on your own heading down into the canyon. The entrance, at least the one I found, is roughly at 43.37281, -89.91641 There are no trails or any development of any kind. At the bottom of the canyon is a stream. Unless you're adventurous, this is the best thing to use as a trail. It branches in several places, so if you follow it up-stream, you will have a few options and as long as you remember where you came down at, making your way back is just a matter of following it back down stream. There is another entrance a little south of the real one, that goes down a hill and through what I think is private property, as there was a spot with a fire pit and some lawn chairs and wood. Continuing over the hill and turning north will eventually get you to the same place, but will probably take about 90 minutes at a good pace. At one point, the canyon wall turns into a bit of a shelf (a little up stream from where you will likely begin if entering at the ribbons). This is probably the most photogenic feature of any size. This is the kind of place you can pretty much count on being the only person or group there."
  • Lowell Boettcher posted 9 months ago
    "No deer"