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Parfrey's Glen State Natural Area



01/01 - 12/31

Monday - Sunday 

6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Parfrey's Glen, Wisconsin's first State Natural Area, is a spectacular gorge deeply incised into the sandstone conglomerate of the south flank of the Baraboo Hills. Parfrey's Glen is open daily 6:00 am - 8:00pm. Visitors must remain on the trail. Pets, food, and beverage are not allowed in the natural area. A State Park sticker is required and available at nearby Devil's Lake State Park.



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  • Joe Zanter posted 1 month ago
    "This is a nice little, well-defined hike, great in the fall, but esp. in the heat of summer; the gorge is a cool spot. We hadn't been there since the washout some years ago. Before, the falls were maybe 20 feet high and the walk up and back was on a built path through the gorge. Now, the path through the woodsy part is still great. The rest is a mix of path and hopscotch on rocks back and forth over the shallow creek. Regardless, it's a beautiful feature of the land. The layers of rock that have been exposed show an interesting geology - at least to me!"
  • allison horst posted 2 months ago
    "Nice place to get out and explore. The science behind the glen is amazing, but don't wear your new sneakers. guaranteed to get wet feet. In order to hike to the top you have to battle a few pretty big rocks. We saw plenty of older folks turning around before they reached the end, but I was able to navigate to the top 5 months pregnant with a 1 year old in a backpack so it's certainly manageable."
  • Bryan M Hulbert, MS posted 1 day ago
    "One of the most beautiful and tranquil places in Southwest Wisconsin. Couple it with the always beautiful and exciting Devil’s Lake Campground and scenic drives and you are in for a great weekend of Wisconsin beauty at its best."
  • Jeremy Schultz posted 24 days ago
    "Nice hike in the woods but challenging to get to the waterfall for the uncoordinated people. You have to go back and forth over the creek on rocks and logs. Be careful, water is shallow but it might not feel good to fall in. Overall it's worth the risk!"
  • Carole Burkett posted 1 month ago
    "One of many lovely autumn walks in the area. The more adventurous you are willing to be, the more rocks you are willing to climb, the better the walk."