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North Shore Landing Boat Ramp at Devil's Lake State Park



04/01 - 10/31

Boat landing includes a ramp into Devil's Lake. There are 2 launch lanes that are paved, with a launch depth of 3 feet. No boarding dock is present. There are more than 25 vehicle stalls



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  • Kateri Ambrow posted 24 days ago
    "This might be the best lake/campground in the US! It's exceptional because the water is free from fuel-powered boats, all of the paths are well maintained without feeling commercialized, and there are no (noticeable) mosquitoes due to a large bat population. Camp site reservations sell out quickly for June/July/August. This place is a gem! There's plenty to do for 7 days, including options for highly athletic people (rock-climbing, sailing) or people wanting to sit and watch the world go by. There are canoe rentals available. The bluffs that flank the mile-long, half-mile-wide lake were made by glaciers and offer beautiful views at their summits. The water is so clean! Summer swimming is very pleasant. The North shore pavilion has a nice dance floor with weekend ballroom dancing. There are ample concessions during the day. The campground offers a variety of sites including those without electricity. Each group of campgrounds has bathrooms with showers. This place seldom feels crowded; but one needs to plan ahead if going during peak times. The parking lot will fill."
  • Ruth Burant posted 5 days ago
    "This park is outstanding. One of the best state parks. The views and hiking are beautiful, but some what difficult. Wear good hiking shoes because the hills are difficult and rocky in places. Bring your inhaler if you have asthma to be safe. You can swim in the lake in the summer. Great place for a picnic."
  • Jybgame posted 21 days ago
    "It took me about 2 hours to finish the East bluff trail. It was between moderate and maybe hard near balance rock path (glad I was going down in that section). The time it took wasn't because of its difficulty but because everywhere you looked was a gorgeous view or things to see - like the multitude of birds and wildlife. Make sure you go the little extra way to see devil's gateway. Going back on the west bluff trail was a bit easier. Still views abound. Please go if you have the chance!"
  • Ann Hinz posted 11 days ago
    "This park has everything. Swimming in the summer, canoeing, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, camping. The only drawback is its popularity. It does get crowded in the summer. The water is as pristine as it was 50 years ago, so the one thing you can't do is use a gas motor on the lake. Great place for families. I'm so blessed to live so close."
  • Scott Ditzman posted 1 month ago
    "My wife and I took our first trip to the park and loved it. Just had a snow and the trails were beautiful. Can't say enough about this park. Talked with a ranger and it is BUSY in summer. Ranger stated over 3 million visited in 2016. I can say that winter was not busy. Hiked about 6 miles in the park an both sides of Devils lake. Very cool rock features. Will be back to hike in warmer weather. "