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North Shore Landing Boat Ramp at Devil's Lake State Park



04/01 - 10/31

Boat landing includes a ramp into Devil's Lake. There are 2 launch lanes that are paved, with a launch depth of 3 feet. No boarding dock is present. There are more than 25 vehicle stalls



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  • Local guide #1120 Mn posted 1 month ago
    "Wow. Wow what a fun day! Some of the trails are rated as difficult and that they are! Stone steps straight up to the top. The view is spectacular. You can rent a kayak, canoe or paddle boat, but get there early or you will have to wait. Beautiful clear lake for swimming. Bring your own grill. Very clean park. "
  • Jenny McNeela posted 22 days ago
    "This past weekend we went and were sad to find that it was not as we experienced it in years past. There was a big dead tree at our campsite, water bottles floating in the lake and our campsite was really dirty... like so dirty I don't even want to write what we found. Yuck! When we checked in at 1:00, the state park worker failed to tell me that there might be someone still at the site until 3:00... so a bunch of time, trouble and gas could have been avoided if he included that tidbit. They have terrible hiking markers and it took us 45 minutes to find a trail head... and I used to be a wilderness guide/counselor so I know how to read a map. Once on the trail you can get off track easily because they are not marked well at all. The highlight was the hike we took and we could hear the live music playing from the trail. Wonderful! We won't be back to this park but will hold on to our fond memories of years past."
  • Rupesh K. Patel posted 17 days ago
    "Over all it was a great place. Too crowded for us and also the 11pm lights out did not work for us. The lake is crystal clear and amazing. The boat rentals are good but needs a lesson on how to treat people who is essentially paying for their jobs. The showers and bathrooms are good for the most part but could use more detail cleaning. The toilet pits are a joke. Might as well get rid of them and replace with mordern. Overall good spot to get away. "
  • Nikole Self posted 8 days ago
    "Really love this place. First time visit (just moved to area) and relaxed by the lake and enjoyed the sun and view. Great place for BBQ, swimming, hiking, or relaxing. Good ice cream too! Highly recommended. It is a bit busy during the summer because a lot of out of staters come, but still plenty to do and enjoy time."
  • Nick Giffin posted 2 months ago
    "I've hiked here a handful of times. The bluff trails have some fairly steep climbs, especially the Balanced Rock trail. The views from the bluffs are worth the climbs, though. The beaches will be full of people on nice summer weekends but aren't crowded away from summer. While the bluff trails will be busy on summer weekends, the other trails aren't as heavily used, and it's possible to have a quiet hike on these trails even in summer. Trails are well maintained and well signed. It's a great place to spend a day. "