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North Shore Landing Boat Ramp at Devil's Lake State Park



04/01 - 10/31

Boat landing includes a ramp into Devil's Lake. There are 2 launch lanes that are paved, with a launch depth of 3 feet. No boarding dock is present. There are more than 25 vehicle stalls



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  • Priscilla Gonzalez posted 2 days ago
    "I can't say enough about this place. If you want to see some spectacular, breathtaking views, this is the place to go. You can grill, swim, camp out and hike. We love climbing the rocks and getting to the top for the views. If you're hiking, I'd suggest to not bring toddlers. Some of the rock structures to climb are slippery and can be dangerous. I started taking my kids when they were 7 and they did just fine and loved it. We go multiple times per summer. Must see if you haven't!"
  • Kaitlin Murphy posted 3 days ago
    "Great day trip with kids! There’s a nice sandy beach and the lake has a very gradual slope. Most adults can walk out 30 yards before they’re in over their heads so it’s not super stressful to let your kids play in the water. There’s also a ton of trails, public bathrooms, a restaurant, and boat rentals. On the north side there’s a cool nature center with lots of information about the local wildlife, geological history, as well as old photos and letters from the area dating back over 100 years (all of which is air conditioned)."
  • AJ S posted 1 month ago
    "Nice park. One day isn't enough time to see everything the park has, so plan on it taking 2 or 3 days to really explore the park. There are some challenging trails that require you to be physically fit along with easy trails that anyone should be able to handle. The balanced rock it not very well marked the park authorities could do a better job there. Its very easy to walk right past it and not even know it was there, and it is not an easy climb to get to it either. So watch carefully for it so as not to miss it. The lake itself is beautiful has a big beach and is a lake I would actually swim in which is saying something because normally I will only swim in pools, the water is very clear and clean looking."
  • Davino Genovesse posted 22 days ago
    "Great place to hike and get a workout along with the great scenery. I dropped some pics of the last few times I've been here. I've never had a bad experience yet. Parts of this place are also dog friendly and have beaches for people with animals as well. I highly recommend this for a great first date or bringing your whole family to enjoy all the amenities this place has to offer. They also have camping and a great lodge that serves hot food and cold ice cream."
  • Samantha Hanneman posted 10 days ago
    "This is literally my favorite place to camp. There aren’t many places you can go that give you such private, shaded campsites within walking distance of a beautiful, natural lake and once in a lifetime hiking experiences. If you’re planning on visiting, I’d recommend taking a hike up the west bluff. It’s a very difficult hike, but the view you are rewarded with at the top is absolutely gorgeous. After hiking, taking a dip in the lake is so refreshing. If you go down to the lake 1-2 hours before sundown on a weekend, there are way less people and the lake is still pretty warm. I’ve camped at several campgrounds, but this park always holds out as the very best."