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Mid-Continent Railway Museum


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E8948 Diamond Hill Road
North Freedom, WI 53951
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04/01 - 10/31

Mid-Continent Railway Museum is an outdoor, living museum and operating railroad recreating the small town/short line way of life during the ""Golden Age of Railroading,"" spanning the years 1880-1916, with operating trains, educational exhibits, and displays of restored rolling stock.



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  • Luke Burkholder posted 7 months ago
    "This place is a gem. The more you walk around, the bigger you realize it is. They have a really nice collection of cars and engines, and most things seem to be in working order. The place just has the feel of being in use (which it is) I don't know if it's every weekend, but certainly when I was there, they were running two little passenger trains on a short jaunt, one of which seemed to have active dining cars. I'm definitely going back."
  • The Adventures of Dan&Stella posted 1 year ago
    "The Mid-Continent Railway Museum was definitely educational and interesting, and I love the fact that everybody who works there is a volunteer. The staff were all friendly and knew their information well. However, one would have to look at this as a very informative, rather than entertaining ride. The train didn't go very fast, or very far, and it was relaxing but almost puts you to sleep. It goes down the tracks for maybe a couple miles at a snail pace with all the same Wisconsin farmland scenery, then stops and lets the visitors get out and look at the train, ask questions, take pictures, etc. Also the town of North Freedom was a little difficult for me to find, coming from the house on the rock, but that just might be me. I would advise train enthusiasts to check this out for sure, while people who are just looking for some fun entertainment might want to find it elsewhere."
  • Jeffrey Horstman posted 7 months ago
    "Definitely awesome experience and very nostalgic. Will have to come back. Family absolutely loved it. Heck I might even move to this small beautiful town. "
  • Dave Reed posted 11 months ago
    "We would highly recommend this experience. We took the BBQ Ride: the car we rode in was comfortable and air-conditioned. The volunteer servers were helpful and knowledgeable. The food was EXCELLENT! It was interesting to wander around and see the restored and in-process train cars. All in all a great place to visit!"
  • Will Hockensmith posted 8 months ago
    "My kids love trains. This place has a good number of trains to see, and you can even take a short train ride for fun. It's a nice way to kill 2-3 hours."