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Lower Wisconsin State Riverway - Knapp Creek, Blue River & Lone Rock Units




04/01 - 10/31

These three units of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway total more than 3,000 acres. There is good birding from your car as you drive along the highway. Take your time. Many parking areas lead to hiking trails and bridges that take you across creeks and the river. Travel the side roads that run close to the river and back into the hollows and valleys. Bald Eagles nest along the woods where the trees meet the marshes. Sandhill Cranes glean insects from the fields. Warblers, sparrows and orioles call from brushy roadsides and treetops. Signature species include the Black-billed Cuckoo, Bald Eagle, Osprey and Bob White Quail. Rare species include the Red-headed Woodpecker, Acadian Flycatcher and Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. North of the river, travel Highway 60 from Boscobel to Lone Rock. South of the river, travel Highway 133.



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