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Governor Dodge State Park and Pine Cliff State Natural Area




04/01 - 10/31

This 5,000-acre state park offers upland fields and prairies, hardwood forest, two man-made lakes, a waterfall and sandstone bluffs. The Pine Cliff State Natural Area within the park contains all three species of pine native to the state - red, white and jack. Good hiking trails take you from woodlands to open field and around the lake, making it possible to see many species of birds and wildlife. In the mature oak woods and savannas look for warblers, nuthatches and woodpeckers. Grasslands and prairie restorations harbors sparrows of all kinds. In shrubby areas, look for vireos, orioles, and warblers. The lakes attract migrating waterfowl. Adjacent marshes should be checked for Green Herons, American Bitterns and Sora Rails. Located 3 miles north of Dodgeville on Highway 23.



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