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Eagle Inn Sauk Prairie


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655 Water Street
Prairie du Sac, WI 53578
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04/01 - 10/31

Monday - Sunday 

5:00am - 10:00pm

Eagle Inn Sauk Prairie serves homemade soups and specials daily, breakfast all day, a great salad bar, kids menu, and much more!



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  • Alexandra Christensen posted 5 days ago
    "The lemon meringue pie tastes like it was made with soap. I'm not trying to be mean; it just does taste like that. The cherry pie is pretty good, though. I went there once and got a meal. My waitress asked me if I wanted hash-browns with it, but she didn't tell me that they would be extra. They're cheap, but I still would've liked to know. Other than that, it's fine. The fish are pretty good."
  • Kendall Krumrei posted 5 days ago
    "We went Mother's Day weekend. The food was okay. Service was not. One of my kids got a cup that was dirty and had another cup inside of it and the ice and the lemonade inside of that. We did not know she had a dirty cup with another cup inside of it until she drank enough liquid for us to see the other cup. I have waited tables before I know it's hard work. I know people are demanding I get it. But when you have a glass inside of a plastic cup in a little kid is drinking out of it you tell the waitress and all she does is go oh sorry and bring you another cup of Pop not even removing the dirty one, I think that the place is just a little dirtier than we like."
  • Sammamma posted 1 month ago
    "Supposedly the favorite dining place in Sauk Prairie. We tried it while coming up to view the eagles. The menu, food, and service were all unimpressive. Mind you that we weren't looking for fine dining- just a good local experience. My husband had their famous beef sandwich which was at best okay. My chicken dumpling soup was great but the salad bar that came with it was just plain sad. Hard to mess up a salad bar that small but they did it."
  • BLXP posted 15 days ago
    "Poor quality food. And bad prices for it. Better food and quality at cenex gas station. What kind of burger doesn't come with fries and since when is that a half order of cold cheese curds."
  • Pat posted 5 months ago
    "Our first visit to this restaurant. Our breakfast was very good and reasonably priced. Staff was efficient and friendly. Since I am a tea drinker I especially appreciated that they have carafes set aside for hot water only. (Some restaurants use the same carafes for hot water that they use for coffee and it adversely affects the taste of tea.) I'm sure we will return."