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Dr. Evermor's Forevertron Sculpture Park



S7703 US Highway 12
North Freedom, WI 53951
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04/01 - 10/31

Fantastical machines from salvaged factory parts created by self-taught artist Dr. Evermore. Dozens of mechanical creatures, ranging from waist-high to 20-ft tall, flock in clearings. Disintegration chambers, spaceship gun turrets, and huge contraptions suggest pre-historic or space-age insects. The sculpture garden is available for public viewing, but be sure to call prior to heading out.



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  • Kendall Krumrei posted 8 days ago
    "This is a very amazing place to go. The fact that this man made all of those metal sculptures just blows my mind. As a matter of fact it was so engaging that I didn't even take a picture. Things that were just so large and shiny and sculptures of everything you could imagine made from all of this different metal that was just scrap. The kids loved it I loved it my husband loved it we want to go back just because we know we have missed so many things."
  • Graham Mueller posted 23 days ago
    "Went with my wife and daughter who very much enjoyed all the sculptures. Should note though -- dogs are not welcome. My wife had read online that they are, but it's clearly indicated they aren't on signs there, and the lady monitoring things mentioned as much as well."
  • Charles Bennett posted 4 days ago
    "Yet another truly inspired artist doing his own thing. There is some real cool stuff here. When I was there it was free."
  • Scott Lloyd posted 20 days ago
    "If you ever consider a road side stop, then this is the one that will change your life. Park the car. Get the kids out and walk in. You will be amazed at the sheer extraneous of the entire park. The workmanship will over everwhelm the sesenes of a mortal human. Detail, creativity, and extravaganza overwhelmed my mere mortal senes. Even after a few years have passed my family still talks of the moment that we stopped here. It costs you nothing to stop here for a few moments, so please do and appreciate the work. It is a thing of momentous beauty. Blessed be the adventurous!"
  • robert Wilson posted 2 months ago
    "A great place for Wisconsin art culture, a must stop. Lady Elanor is very sweet. As seen on American Pickers. Very impressive sculptures around the property. And idems for sale also."