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Devil's Den at Devil's Head Resort


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6330 Bluff Road
Merrimac, WI 53561
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04/01 - 10/31

Dantes Restaurant is located slope-side in the main lodge. It is a family restaurant where fresh grilled entrees are cooked under the "cooper hood". Dantes serves an elaborate breakfast menu featuring fresh fish, egg dishes, pancakes, French toast, sausage, bacon, hash-browns, along with made-to-order omelets. Dantes is open daily for breakfast, serving lunch and dinner on weekends and holidays.



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  • Colby posted 2 days ago
    "Great hills. Staff was pretty friendly. Loved the $16 lift ticket on Thursday night. I went on almost every run. None of them very steep or challenging. I liked that the runs we're wide open, long, and had mostly consistent grades that way I could practice my carving. I would go again on a Thursday night and hopefully next time I go the park will be open. They don't really check life tickets so I know a decent amount of people of skip buying one. Would I say it's the best skiing in Wisconsin? Probably not. It's also not the worst. I would definitely go again on a Thursday night."
  • Austin Webb posted 14 days ago
    "Our Family has made this trip multiple times, Devil's head is by far the best bargain when looking for skiing in the northern Midwest region. We booked it on our way up there and had no issues. We stayed in the lodge and the room was plenty big enough for 5 people. Slopes we're great and not busy at all mid week. We chose the midweek ski and stay package. Would definitely recommend and will be returning in the future."
  • Alex Maurer posted 4 days ago
    "Been going here since 1978. Always a great time. It is what you make it. Some people just look for the next thing to complain about in life. Stay at the Ritz Carlton if you need to be pampered. And go somewhere else please. Talk to employees, fellow skiers, ski patrol and all are kind, helpful and there to work or have a good time. And new skiers please do yourself and everyone on the hill a great service and take a ski lesson. Instructors are great. You don't go down the road in a car without knowing how to drive. Everything is more fun when you know how to do it."
  • Khemarey Khoeun posted 13 days ago
    "I am livid with this place! This is our first and last time here. They just put my family and kids in danger. We checked-in right around midnight. It's late at night, everything is dark and we're trying to find our lodge. The roads are not well marked and we wondered off into the ski return area, which is when we realized we needed to turn around. A snow groomer saw us and decided to drive straight at us! We were stopped in our tracks, honked loud and hard, and he kept coming! My husband veered off to avoid collision. When I called to complain at the front desk, there's no manager on duty but the kid at the front desk seems to think it's acceptable that the groomer came at us and put my family at risk. His explanation is that we were off the road and the driver did not know if we were drunk. But we were stopped in our tracks, we honked to alert him we saw the snow groomer coming straight at us, and he made no effort to acknowledge or stop. What would have happened if we had not veered off to avoid collision? Would he have continued? Is this standard protocol? This is completely unacceptable."
  • Nimtheriel Nyota-Chonge posted 19 days ago
    "I've been skiing here since I was two. I love the runs they have; my favorite is Cyclops. It's also a really good place for people to learn to ski. I just took my cousins up here and there was good beginner-level runs and snow. My family doesn't usually stay overnight since we live nearby but when we do I aways enjoy the hotel."