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Devil's Den at Devil's Head Resort


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6330 Bluff Road
Merrimac, WI 53561
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04/01 - 10/31

Dantes Restaurant is located slope-side in the main lodge. It is a family restaurant where fresh grilled entrees are cooked under the "cooper hood". Dantes serves an elaborate breakfast menu featuring fresh fish, egg dishes, pancakes, French toast, sausage, bacon, hash-browns, along with made-to-order omelets. Dantes is open daily for breakfast, serving lunch and dinner on weekends and holidays.



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  • Jeff Gelband posted 2 months ago
    "I've been there 3 times. Most recently my family and I went there in the winter of 2016. We won't be back. Ever. 1 star because the quality of the hills is overshadowed by my disgusting room and my poor experience with management. Here's the bad and the good and the indifferent: The Bad: We stayed in the Lodge. The rooms are poorly cleaned, my room had feces smeared on the side of the tub when I checked in; Management does not care about you, after 4 attempts to get in touch with them (3 direct requests and 1 comment card) I have still not heard back. We checked into our room, dropped our stuff and went skiing. When we came back and used the bathroom, we noticed poo smeared on the side of the bathtub. When I called the desk they asked me if I wanted them to send someone up to clean it up. I said no, that I would take care of it. I was shocked that they didn't immediately offer me a different room. After 3 separate requests over multiple days to speak with a manager, nobody ever called me or got back to me; I never spoke with a manager. Each different individual assured me that I would be contacted by the manager. I even left a comment card saying that I wanted to be contacted. A dirty room is one thing, but feces smeared on a bathtub that wasn't cleaned up is entirely another. The thing that brings them to one star is the fact that I was repeatedly told that a manager would contact me, and that never happened (even when I called back a month later). The good: The hills are nicely designed runs, with something for every level of skier. The prices are competitive. The indifferent: Lift lines, and wait times are average. Each of the times I've been there, I've never seen the upper circles open. Hill maintenance is average. Grooming is done in the morning, but no evening grooming is done (which is done at some other local hills) The on-property dining is average. The snack bars are as expected. The bar is as expected. The fine dining, "Dantes", is above average quality food (that's not to say excellent, but certainly good), but exorbitant in cost. This is listed in "indifferent" because you don't have to pay the exorbitant cost if you purchase a ski package. The bottom line: The hills are good, but whatever you do, don't stay on the property. Who knows what you might find in your room!"
  • Josh Grosse posted 2 months ago
    "We were there for golf. Great course set up. Picturesque views. Course conditions were good but not great but will still be back"
  • Dallas Grant posted 2 months ago
    "The rooms were not the best, the cellular reception is non-existent which is something I can easily live with, but the internet was so slow, it made me wish I could use my cellular data instead. I stayed in the Inn section and it looks very run down, still uses the old, big TVs from the past; in fact, it was the first hotel I stayed at in over 3 years that hadn't upgraded to a flat screen TV. The description of the place made it seem like it was a wonderful resort, and it was a nice location; however, all feeling were removed as soon as I got in the building I was staying in as it looked very run down. The main lodge area looked nice, but I didn't see any rooms there to make an opinion."
  • Jim schenk posted 2 days ago
    "Attended a wedding. Resort was very nice and large. The room for the reception was very roomy. Food was incredible."
  • Corey Carter posted 2 months ago
    "Not very up to date. I'm sure it's fine if you are a golfer or skier but prob not the best choice to just stay as a family if you don't do either of the above. Pool area was outdated, dimly lit and the pool water was extremely cold. Outdoor pool area was nice looking but it was too chilly outside when we were there to swim unfortunately. Rooms were decent but TV's are not flat screens/HD and were extremely blurry. Shower head needed to be replaced. Beautiful scenery - would be picturesque in the fall I'm sure, but beware, it's a ways "out there". Service was friendly. Food was good at the restaurants on-site and it had a nice looking pro shop. Oh, almost forgot, don't be fooled by the "fitness room". I'm guessing as a ski/golf resort not a lot of people would use this anyway, but it consisted of 1 stationary bike, a TV on the wall, which wasn't plugged in because the cord didn't even reach the outlet (?!?!) And a multi-purpose machine in which EVERY CABLE WAS BROKEN so it was literally useless. It was so bad it was funny. Anyway I hate being negative with reviews as this place wasn't terrible and has some good points but just wasn't what our family was hoping or expecting. "