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Devil's Den at Devil's Head Resort


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6330 Bluff Road
Merrimac, WI 53561
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04/01 - 10/31

Dantes Restaurant is located slope-side in the main lodge. It is a family restaurant where fresh grilled entrees are cooked under the "cooper hood". Dantes serves an elaborate breakfast menu featuring fresh fish, egg dishes, pancakes, French toast, sausage, bacon, hash-browns, along with made-to-order omelets. Dantes is open daily for breakfast, serving lunch and dinner on weekends and holidays.



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  • mhallgren79 posted 8 days ago
    "I've been snowboarding here for about 25 years now. I'll highlight they do good and what they need to fix and improve. I like going here over Cascade, Chestnut, or Tyrol because they have longer runs. I would go to Granite, but they charge too much. Devil's Head has updated two of their chairlifts to quads which is nice (cuts down on the wait time) Terrain park has gotten a lot better over the past couple of years. I would recommend moving it to another run like Dante's Inferno, or The Cauldron. Sidewinder is too narrow for the terrain park. Here's what they need to work on: they need better lighting at night on some of the runs. The guys who work at the top of the lifts need to quit building up the snow pack so high that creates a safety hazard because there is little to no gap in between the chair lift seat and the snow pack that they get off on. It would also be nice Hotel rooms are pretty run down. I hear a lot of complaints about rooms not being ready, TV's not working, or they're still dirty. The food in the cafeteria is your typical resort food (way overpriced and doesn't taste that good). No food available at night unless you order a pizza (which is pretty good by the way). I know people who drive into town just to get food late (you guys are definitely missing out on the market there). Need to update your security cameras. When my snowboard was almost stolen this past season I found out half the camera's are old and don't work. And the ones that do don't have high-res so it's almost pointless looking at them. Definitely bring a lock if you leave your board at the rack. I would also come up there to go mountain biking, but was told they don't run the chair lift. Don't think you're going to find many people who want to track all the way up that hill just to ride down it in 5-10 minutes. Until they start running a lift to the top during the summer my friends and I will just go to the local parks and ride. I think Devil's Head has a lot of potential, but it seems like they just do the bare minimum year after year."
  • Haley Rosset posted 3 months ago
    "I've been to devils head before and quite enjoyed myself. But our experience this week was less than ideal. Upon arriving, we had to switch rooms because ours did not have a patio, as was requested and promised. Once in our new room, we discovered our heater wasn't working, so we switched rooms again. This really cut into our ski time. As it turned out, though, that wasn't a huge hindrance, as there was only one lift open on the whole mountain, so we ended up doing the same 3 slow, boring runs all day. Not worth our money at all. It's okay, though, because all the while we were looking forward to a delicious steak dinner that evening. We come inside around 6pm, and we're informed that the Cornucopia restaurant would not open that evening. Keep in mind, this restaurant is the ONLY option for guests. We were told instead to go upstairs to the cafeteria, which was supposed to be open until 9. When we walked upstairs around 6:10, there was a girl putting chairs on the tables already, glaring at us. She seemed annoyed to when we ordered 2 burgers and an order of mozzarella sticks, and she handed us 2 burgers and had to go "find the chef." The burgers had huge chunks of salt in the meat, but at this point we were desperate. After refueling (kind of), we went back on the mountain for some night skiing, when the POWER WENT OUT. On the hill. So it's pitch black on the trails. We could have gotten seriously hurt if we weren't experienced skiers and riders. We just came inside to the bar after that. Oh, forgot to mention too, earlier in the day the woman who claimed to be the bear manager was sitting on the well, with bottle toppers visibly up her ass. My boyfriend took a photo. All and all a pretty terrible experience at a place where I usually have enjoyed myself. Disappointing."
  • Andrew Kiefer posted 6 days ago
    "It's the best. We come every year for the spring golf event. Very reasonable prices. The staff is always super nice and the resort keeps getting better."
  • Travis strenge posted 3 days ago
    "Great place to mountain bike. The local roads are full of amazing scenery for road cycling too. The staff is very courteous, and professional."
  • Brian Berg posted 7 days ago
    "Good for the price. Landscape and setting are amazing. Condition of the course is suspect at best. Lodging is dorm style cinder block and mattresses to match."