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Crystal Lake Campground


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N550 Gannon Road
Lodi, WI 53555
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04/01 - 10/31

Surrounded by a 700-acre lake, this family campground features a 200-foot sandy beach, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, skatepark miniature golf and boat rentals.



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  • Kaylie Standfield posted 3 days ago
    "This campground has a lot of potential. I visited it in May when there was a lot of construction so there wasn't a lot we could do. Once the construction is done though, I would consider going back. We had campsite #17 in the pool/valley. The lots are small, but it was big enough for our ten person tent with a little room left over. We were there during a cold, rainy weekend and the beach and pool we're closed, but the restaurant/bar was a nice place to grab a bite to eat or get out of the rain. The bathrooms need to be cleaned and half the toilets we're out of order, but it was doable. Overall, we had a good time and are willing to give the camp grounds another shot. Everyone is super friendly there and the area is amazing."
  • Jessica Reible posted 6 days ago
    "It was ok. The beach is way too small & super packed with people partying. I actually enjoyed all the people around me. However, there were really drunk "20 somethings" on golf carts with super soakers that would go by and soak everyone sitting on the beach. No regard for expensive cell phones that might be in your hand. In my case, I had a hand held electrical medical device that I needed to take out & use every so often. I asked them to stop squirting our area because I had a medical device. The drunk girl said "your at the beach, expect to get soaked" If you are disabled or have a medical device, even a cell phone... it could get wet or ruined. So just be warned nobody on the property stops this behavior. Also, I think it's important to know you do not have to be old to have a medical condition that requires a device. I assume, even at the beach, that I'm safe on my towel, in my space, away from the water to use my device."
  • Judy Fredericks posted 20 days ago
    "Nice place. Lots of activities. Great place for families. Many camping options from cabins to yurts."
  • Cassandra James posted 20 days ago
    "Im posting on behalf of my dad, stepmom, and step brother who stayed at Crystal Lake Campground last weekend. What an absolute shame. We grew up coming to the campground and staying in the yurts, so my parents thought it would be fun to take their grandchildren. With only a few days before their trip, management informed them that the pool would not be open. My dad called to get a refund for their stay and management declined. My dad asked for a discount, since part of the reservation fees include use of the pool, management declined again. The only things they were willing to do were offer a pontoon boat and a golf cart free of charge for the weekend. Sounds great, right? WRONG. Once they got to the campground, they were shocked with how debilitated everything was. Everything looked worn and old. This place should have underwent construction a looooooong time ago!! When they got to their cabin, the TV did not work correctly. The cabin offered cable TV, however the guests before them had taken the network access card from the tv. The guests next door did not have this issue, so my dad went to talk with the front desk. All they said was, “sorry.” Why should they have to pay for something that was not included in their stay? But the front desk was completely unhelpful. The DVD player did not work and the people they claimed to have sent to repair it...NEVER CAME!!!!! Moving on to the “pontoon” boat they offered my family to use. It was some janky, unsafe barge with plastic lawn chairs secured to it!!!!!! There was no way they were going to take their 5 year old granddaughter out on that death trap! What a joke!!! After they experienced everything above, they decided to leave an entire day early. They asked the front desk AGAIN for some sort of refund due to the quality (or lack of) their stay. But again, management declined to reimburse them for anything!!!!!! Here is a place that we used to love coming to as they will NEVER EVER COME BACK! Once you book with Crystal Lake, be prepared to not get your money’s worth.... Why would they charge for things they aren’t able OR ARE NOT WILLING to offer guests? Be cautious of booking here!!!!"
  • Louise Snider posted 1 month ago
    "I always enjoy Crystal Lake, they have all sorts of entertainment for kids and adults, fishing is great there too if I do say so myself."