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Stories from the River

The Sauk Community

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Sauk always has a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment. Ranging from the Wisconsin-famous Cow Chip Festival to simply a nice hike by the river. Read more

Making Maple Syrup is Just Down the Road

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Another Wisconsin spring ritual or tradition is tapping maple trees and cooking down the sap for maple syrup. This coming spring with all the recent cold weather making maple syrup could be weeks away, but one never knows with the up and down weather that Wisconsinites have had this year. Read more

Blue Spoon anyone?

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Enjoy a meal at the Blue Spoon and a save room for a movie and popcorn, they are only a couple steps  from Bonham theatre.

Read more

La Mexicana: eat in or take home

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La Mexicana grocery and restaurant in Sauk City is a haven for your tastebuds. They've got great Mexican food in their restaurant to dine in or take out, and there is a great selection of Mexican grocery items in the grocery section. Read more