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River Currents: Some of the Year’s Best Outdoor Activities Are Coming

Author:  | Date: 8.14.2012

I think that the summer drought with little rain and torrid temperatures is past.  After suffering through some of the hottest and driest weather that I can remember, it looks like the worst is over with and we can get back to our normal outdoor activities.  Read more

Horseback Riding on the Riverway

Author:  | Date: 8.11.2012

As the scorching temperatures finally subside, this has to be one of the best ideas we've seen all summer: Horseback riding along the beautiful river! Looks like fun! If you need any saddles, tack or supplies, check out Cayuse Saddles, Tack & Western Ware in River's Edge Mall, located adjacent to the riverwalk.

River Currents: This Weekend: Take An Adult Fishing Tournament

Author:  | Date: 8.1.2012

It's hard to believe that this is the time of the summer when the Wilderness Fish & Game store in Sauk City has its "Annual Kids Take an Adult Fishing Tournament."  This family oriented event is in its 12th year and the popularity of this "tournament" grows every year with many children saying that this event is one of their favorite things to do every summer.  Read more

River Currents: Take An Adult Fishing Tournament

Author:  | Date: 7.10.2012

Where has the summer gone? After the "goofy" spring we had and now the weeks of hot weather and little if any rain has made the summer of 2012 one to remember. Though the area lakes and rivers warmed up quicker than normal and got the weeds growing, fishing has been good if you get on the water early or fish at night.  Read more

River Currents: What to Do in the Outdoors in Hot Weather

Author:  | Date: 7.5.2012

It's the month of July and normally you would expect to have some of the warmest temperatures of the year now or next month in August. We've had high temperatures (95-100 degrees), little or no precipitation, and high humidity. Read more