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River Currents: Casting and Blasting in Wisconsin

Author:  | Date: 10.30.2012

The down economy has had an adverse affect on many out of state hunting and fishing trips that many sportsmen and women take to other states for quality hunting and fishing that they don't have at home. Read more

River Currents: Birds Need a Little Help in Winter

Author:  | Date: 10.25.2012

November is rapidly approaching and with what a winter normally brings to Wisconsin is cold and snow.  I doubt that this winter is going to be as mild as last year's winter, so I suggest that if you want some good winter "entertainment" Read more

River Currents: Pheasant Memories

Author:  | Date: 10.16.2012

This coming Saturday, October 20th, the 2012 ring-necked pheasant season opens at 12:00pm in Wisconsin.  I've been thinking about the pheasant opener recently since I have a young Labrador retriever named Katie, who seems to know what time of year it is Read more

River Currents: The Best Time of the Year

Author:  | Date: 9.26.2012

The best time of the year for many of us who love the outdoors and all the great activities that comes with it is soon coming.  The nights are getting cooler, the leaves are beginning to change and fall, birds of all kinds are migrating south, the squirrels are stocking up on food, and the garden is about over Read more

River Currents: The Coming of Fall Means Muskies on the Wisconsin River

Author:  | Date: 9.24.2012

The Lower Wisconsin Riverway (LWR) was created in 1989 by the State of Wisconsin to protect and preserve the scenic beauty and natural character of the Wisconsin River Valley, Read more