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Midwest Weekends Features the Wisconsin River

Author:  | Date: 9.5.2012

Check out this great article for a feature on the Wisconsin River...right through Sauk Prairie! Midwest Weekend  

River Currents: It’s Sturgeon Time

Author:  | Date: 8.28.2012

The 2012 Wisconsin hook and line sturgeon fishing season opens this coming weekend on September 1st and continues through the end of the month.  The Lake Winnebago system has a very large sturgeon spearing season in February, Read more

River Currents: The Dove Season Will Soon Be Here

Author:  | Date: 8.25.2012

Soon it will be fall, even though the recent weather might make one think that fall is already here.  This past week, the evening and morning low temperatures have been in the 40's and after a summer of temperatures in the 90's and above, this is definitely a relief! Read more

River Currents: Some of the Year’s Best Outdoor Activities Are Coming

Author:  | Date: 8.14.2012

I think that the summer drought with little rain and torrid temperatures is past.  After suffering through some of the hottest and driest weather that I can remember, it looks like the worst is over with and we can get back to our normal outdoor activities.  Read more

Horseback Riding on the Riverway

Author:  | Date: 8.11.2012

As the scorching temperatures finally subside, this has to be one of the best ideas we've seen all summer: Horseback riding along the beautiful river! Looks like fun! If you need any saddles, tack or supplies, check out Cayuse Saddles, Tack & Western Ware in River's Edge Mall, located adjacent to the riverwalk.