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River Currents: Kids Ice Fishing Day

Author:  | Date: 1.8.2013

It's that time of the year for kids ice fishing derbies and local ice fishing jamborees throughout the state of Wisconsin.  There's good and solid iceRead more

First Time Buyers Fishing Deal

Author:  | Date: 1.4.2013

Get a major price break on your hunting, fishing or trapping license Read more

Wisconsin DNR Announces Free Fishing Weekend

Author:  | Date: 1.4.2013

Bundle up and get out there for Wisconsin's first-ever Winter Free Fishing Weekend, January 19 - 20, 2013.

Free Fishing Weekend events provide greatRead more

River Currents: A Great Place to Take the Kids Ice Fishing

Author:  | Date: 1.2.2013

Now that southern Wisconsin has enough ice on its lakes to be safe, it's time to take the children out fishing.  One of my don't for early ice fishing is not to take children out fishing on "first ice" because of the safety factor. Read more

Riverway Currents: Winter Bits and Pieces

Author:  | Date: 12.26.2012

It's amazing what can happen in the outdoors after the first heavy snow and cold of the winter.  After the storm and blizzard of last week, I've been seeing many changes Read more