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River Currents: Spring River Walleyes 2013

Author:  | Date: 3.6.2013

River fishing for walleyes has been a tradition in Wisconsin and much of the Midwest for decades.  Most rivers, like the Wisconsin River, stay open year-roundRead more

River Currents: A Whirlwind Weekend and Another One Coming Up

Author:  | Date: 2.26.2013

This past weekend was a "whirlwind weekend" for me! I was the emcee for the Madison Fishing Expo at Madison's Alliant Energy Center and busy beyond beliefRead more

River Currents: Two Great Fishing Shows Coming Soon

Author:  | Date: 2.19.2013

It's that time of the year when many fishermen and women are getting the "dreaded" cabin fever.  Most of us are caught between seasons with the ending of a so-so ice fishing year and the beginning of spring river fishing is still a few weeks to a month away.  This is why sport show promoters time February and MarchRead more

River Currents: Shed Time

Author:  | Date: 1.29.2013

Now is the time for hunters and outdoors people to get out in the woods and countryside and start looking for shed antlers from buck deer.  I've talked to shed hunters who've already been out in the woods hunting sheds and finding a few.  Bucks can begin to lose their "racks" Read more

River Currents: A Winter Weekend in Wisconsin

Author:  | Date: 1.22.2013

This past weekend was a typical winter weekend in Wisconsin.  The last couple of weeks I've been writing about a few of the numerous winter activities that are available in southern Wisconsin.  The cold of winter has allowed good quality iceRead more