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Winter Brown Trout

Author:  | Date: 2.6.2018

There is a great bite going on now and continuing thru the winter on big Lake Michigan, just south of Milwaukee. Read more

It’s Getting to be Shed Time

Author:  | Date: 1.29.2018

Now it’s getting to be the time for hunters and outdoors people to get out in the woods and countryside and begin looking for shed antlers from buck deer. Read more

Hunting Pheasants till the End of March

Author:  | Date: 1.23.2018

The state of Wisconsin has many different hunting seasons for big game, small game, game birds, and waterfowl. Read more

It’s Coming Soon, Early Ice Fishing

Author:  | Date: 12.4.2017

Soon, it will be that time of year many of us in the Upper Midwest wait all spring, summer, and fall to arrive. Read more

Hook and Line Sturgeon Fishing

Author:  | Date: 9.12.2017

It’s that time of the year when people have the opportunity to fish for the largest freshwater fish in Wisconsin if not the entire United States, the lake sturgeon. Read more