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Spring Wading Can Be Hot

Author:  | Date: 3.7.2017

After a winter with little snow and above normal temperatures, this weeks cooling off reminded me that we do have four seasons in Wisconsin. Read more

Winter’s Open Water Walleyes and Saugers

Author:  | Date: 2.23.2017

Hard-core anglers have always known that there are walleyes and saugers to catch in the open water below most rivers during the winter in the Midwest.Read more

Watch the Weather

Author:  | Date: 1.24.2017

Winter has finally settled into Wisconsin and most of the upper Midwest. Read more

The Yahara Fishing Club’s Kid’s Fishing Day

Author:  | Date: 1.16.2017

The Yahara Fishing Club of Madison, Wisconsin has been in existence since 1946 and the clubs motto is “Promoting Fishing Right and Responsibilities “. Read more

A Winter Road Trip

Author:  | Date: 1.10.2017

With warmer winters becoming the norm, more and more anglers in the Midwest are fishing earlier in the year and many are now fishing year-round on open water. Read more